Frequently Asked Questions (ASPIRE 2017)

Where is the The Queensland Conservatorium?

The Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University is located at 140 Grey Street, South Brisbane. From 140 Grey Street, walk up the laneway between the ABC and Queensland Conservatorium buildings to our back entrance. From Russell Street, walk through the arbour to the main entrance of Queensland Conservatorium (red building) – Approximately 100m from the Wheel of Brisbane.

Will there be a canteen operating at The Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University for students to buy lunch?

The Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University will be on holidays over the course of ASPIRE so we cannot guarantee an in-house canteen will be open. There are however, plenty of options surrounding the venue and around South Bank for students to have lunch. The ASPIRE goodie bags also provide great discounts to food and drink in the South Bank precinct.

What are the ASPIRE goodie Bags? 

Each student will receive a small take-home memento with interesting freebies donated by local companies and events. Items include food, drink and activity discount vouchers as well as stationery and snacks. Please note some snacks will contain nuts.

I have special dietary requirements, will there be a suitable option at the Ice Breaker welcome dinner? 

The food trucks at the Ice Breaker will cater for students who are gluten free, diary free, vegetarian and vegan.

Where is registration on the day of adjudication?

Registration is via Grey Street entrance of The Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University. There is a courtyard where ensembles will meet before being directed to their allocated warm up room. Where should we take our ensembles for workshops and master classes? Workshops and master classes will be held in rooms throughout our venue. It is up to the individual school to schedule a meeting point for these activities. Signage and staff will help direct those unfamiliar with the venue to their allocated classes.

When will the final schedule be released? 

It is our aim to confirm the final schedule of events by mid-June.

What is involved in the workshops and masterclasses?

Workshops will be conducted by one of the adjudicators who assessed your ensemble’s performance. The purpose of this session is for the adjudicator to provide feedback to the conductor and students and work with them to assist and improve their preferred area of focus –set piece or chosen piece. This activity will take place in ensemble groups. The masterclasses will be conducted by a master clinician in a particular field. Students will be separated into instrument families for these sessions which cover aural and breathing techniques, instrument skills and top tips.

How long are the Adjudicated Performances and Public Performances?

For your Adjudicated Performance, you will be allocated 25 minutes which includes 15 minutes’ instrumental time and 5 minutes either side to enter and exit the stage. Public Performance time will vary from 20-30 minutes’ instrumental time however, the 5 minutes either side to enter and exit will remain. Please check the schedule for more details (timing provided in the schedule will be from the time you enter to the time you exit stage).

Goodie bags if miss out at Ice Breaker Welcome Event?

Any students who are unable to make the Ice Breaker Welcome Event will need to collect their goodie bag at registration located off the Grey Street entry of The Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University. We encourage students to collect on the first day of the Festival so they can make use of the goodies over the course of ASPIRE.

Will there be storage for instruments?

All touring groups will have access to secure rooms for their instruments. There will be rooms for local students to store their instruments while they explore South Bank however, while this will be monitored ASPIRE takes no responsibility for the theft or damage of any students’ belongings. To assist in identification efforts, please ensure all student belongings are clearly labelled.

What are students required to wear to the Icebreaker, Workshop, Masterclasses and Public Performances?

It is up to each school to decide and inform students on appropriate uniform. For the Ice Breaker Welcome Event on Thursday evening we suggest a casual music or school uniform.


Is our school required to attend the Gala Finale Concert if we do not place 1st, 2nd or 3rd? 

It is not mandatory to attend the Gala Finale Concert however, we strongly encourage all students, parents and family to join us in celebrating those schools who have placed or won ASPIRE. It is also a wonderful opportunity to see The Royal Australian Navy Band play live on stage.

How do I buy tickets to the gala Finale Concert?

Please see page two of this document for details on how to purchase event tickets.

When will we know if our ensembles are performing in the Gala Finale Concert?

After each competition section, Adjudicators will announce 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed ensembles. If your ensemble places 1st in the competitor section, they will be performing at the Gala Finale Performance. On Sunday afternoon, there will be rehearsal rooms available to warm up prior to your performance.

Is there an intermission at the gala Finale Concert? 

There will be no intermission at the Gala Finale Concert.

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